Syphilis and the elderly.


and one 500 mg. No further improvement was apparent after 14 days. These two men and four of the remaining six treated with ceftriaxone 500 mg in whom no further response was observed after 14 days were deemed treatment failures and started on co-triamoxazole with good effect. Two men seen after 7 days in whom no Donovan bodies were detected defaulted from further follow-up. Ceftriaxone is a useful drug in the treatment of sexually transmitted disease in the developing world and has proven efficacy against penicillinase producing Neisseria gonorrhoeae, chancroid and syphilis.6 In the single doses used here, ceftriaxone did not achieve a cure for donovanosis although the initial improvements observed suggest that increased doses at more frequent intervals could be effective. NIGEL O'FARRELL City Health Sexually Transmitted Disease Department, King Edward VIII Hospital, Congella, Durban, South Africa

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