Synthetising Changes in XML Documents as PULs


The ability of efficiently detecting changes in XML documents is crucial in many application contexts. If such changes are represented as XQuery Update Pending Update Lists (PULs), they can then be applied on documents using XQuery Update engines, and document management can take advantage of existing composition, inversion, reconciliation approaches developed in the update processing context. The paper presents an XML edit-script generator with the unique characteristic of using PULs as edit-script language and improving the state of the art from both the performance and the generated edit-script quality perspectives.

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@article{Cavalieri2013SynthetisingCI, title={Synthetising Changes in XML Documents as PULs}, author={Federico Cavalieri and Alessandro Solimando and Giovanna Guerrini}, journal={PVLDB}, year={2013}, volume={6}, pages={1630-1641} }