Synthetic peptides anchor T cell-specific TNP epitopes to MHC antigens.

  title={Synthetic peptides anchor T cell-specific TNP epitopes to MHC antigens.},
  author={Bodo Ortmann and Stefan F Martin and A von Bonin and Emile Schiltz and H Hoschuetzky and Hans Ulrich Weltzien},
  journal={Journal of immunology},
  volume={148 5},
Several TNP-specific, H-2Kb-restricted mouse CTL clones were identified which specifically lysed target cells in the presence of tryptic digests of TNP-modified BSA. Glutaraldehyde fixation of cells revealed that the tryptic fragments did not require further cellular processing. Chromatographic fractionation of digested TNP-BSA identified the peptide TNP-BSA222-231, containing a TNP-modified lysine at BSA position 227, as the antigenic entity. The corresponding synthetic peptide was… CONTINUE READING


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