Synthetic musk emissions from wastewater aeration basins.

  title={Synthetic musk emissions from wastewater aeration basins.},
  author={Nabin Upadhyay and Qinyue Sun and Jonathan O. Allen and Paul Westerhoff and Pierre Herckes},
  journal={Water research},
  volume={45 3},
Wastewater aeration basins at publicly owned treatment works (POTWs) can be emission sources for gaseous or aerosolized sewage material. In the present study, particle and gas phase emissions of synthetic musks from covered and uncovered aeration basins were measured. Galaxolide (HHCB), tonalide (AHTN), and celestolide (ADBI) were the most abundant, ranging from 6704 to 344,306 ng m(-3), 45-3816 ng m(-3), and 2-148 ng m(-3) in the gas phase with particle phase concentrations 3 orders of… CONTINUE READING