Synthetic lipopeptides as novel adjuvants.

  title={Synthetic lipopeptides as novel adjuvants.},
  author={Wolfgang Bessler and Guenther Jung},
  journal={Research in immunology},
  volume={143 5},
  pages={548-53; discussion 579-80}
Lipopeptides constitute potent novel immunoadjuvants in mice, rabbits and other species, enhancing markedly the immune response when given in mixture with antigens. Lipopeptides are non-toxic, non-pyrogenic and do not induce tissue damage when injected. They are thus well suited to replace Freund's adjuvant avoiding its side effects; the antibody titres obtained using lipopeptide analogues are in most cases comparable to the titres obtained by administering Freund's adjuvant. Lipopeptides also… CONTINUE READING
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