Synthetic glucocorticoids: antenatal administration and long-term implications.

  title={Synthetic glucocorticoids: antenatal administration and long-term implications.},
  author={Deborah Magdalena Sloboda and John R. G. Challis and Timothy J. M. Moss and John P. Newnham},
  journal={Current pharmaceutical design},
  volume={11 11},
A clear relationship between intrauterine development and later life predisposition to long-term disease is well established. Weight at birth provides a surrogate measure for fetal development and low birth weight predicts changes in most endocrine axes in adulthood. The exposure of the fetus to elevated levels of either endogenous or synthetic glucocorticoids, pre and periconceptional nutritional status and immediate postnatal development including catch-up growth all contribute substantially… CONTINUE READING