Synthetic galaxy clusters and observations based on Dark Energy Survey Year 3 Data

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We develop a novel data-driven method for generating synthetic optical observations of galaxy clusters. In cluster weak lensing, the interplay between analysis choices and systematic effects related to source galaxy selection, shape measurement and photometric redshift estimation can be best characterized in end-to-end tests going from mock observations to recovered cluster masses. To create such test scenarios, we measure and model the photometric properties of galaxy clusters and their sky… 
Halo Mass-concentration Relation at the High-mass End
The concentration–mass (c–M) relation encodes key information about the assembly history of dark matter halos. However, its behavior at the high mass end has not been measured precisely in


Information Theory, Inference, and Learning Algorithms
This book presents an interplay between the classical theory of general Lévy processes described by Skorohod (1991), Bertoin (1996), Sato (2003), and modern stochastic analysis as presented by Liptser and Shiryayev (1989), Protter (2004), and others.
The Elements of Statistical Learning
Chapter 11 includes more case studies in other areas, ranging from manufacturing to marketing research, and a detailed comparison with other diagnostic tools, such as logistic regression and tree-based methods.
Information Theory, Inference
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NGMIX: Gaussian mixture models for 2D images
2020) using the criteria listed in Ta
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Y3A2 GOLD catalog query cuts used in obtaining the survey data from the DES Data Management System (DESDM
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