Synthetic beta 1-24-corticotropin stimulation of cortisol biosynthesis by rabbit adrenal tissue.

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  • Biology
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Multiple forms of corticotropin (adrenocorticotropic hormone, ACTH) and their significance.

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Big corticotropin (adrenocroticotropic hormone, ACTH), an immunoreactive form of ACTH with low biological activity and which elutes in the void volume on Sephadex G-50 gel filtration, is found in

Influence of the hormonal forms of ACTH on the pattern of corticosteroid secretion.

Post-transcriptional action of ACTH in the control of P450c17 expression in rabbit adrenal glands

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Cortisol and corticosterone in bovine plasma and the effect of adrenocorticotropin.

Abstract Plasma levels of cortisol and corticosterone were determined in 18 lactating, nonpregnant dairy cows of three breeds and also at hourly intervals following a single injection of 200 IU ACTH

Corticosteroid response of rabbits and rats to exogenous ACTH.

The dynamics of the alterations of the cortisol: corticosterone ratio in rabbits during porcine ACTH administration and in Rats responded to similar treatment only with increased cortic testosterone release.


Parenteral administration was associated with an increase in plasma cortisol levels, a raised excretion of 17-ketosteroids and 17-hydroxysteroids and a fall in the eosinophil count and urinary sodium /potassium ratio.

Regulation of the Adrenal Cortex Secretory Pattern by Adrenocorticotropin

Adrenal gland homogenates from rabbits stimulated for 28 days with adrenocorticotropin have been shown to synthesize cortisol, and when Δ5-pregnenolone substrate was used the specific activity of the isolated cortisol was four times as great as when progesterone was used.

The assay of adrenocorticotrophic hormone by the adrenal ascorbic acid-depletion method.

The present paper is a detailed description and evaluation of the method based upon the results of a number of comparative assays carried out over the past two years, finding that the adrenocorticotrophic activity of materials other than highly purified preparations of A.C.T.H. cannot be assayed in the animal whose hypophysis has been removed.