Synthetic approaches to [5,6]-benzannulated spiroketal natural products

  title={Synthetic approaches to [5,6]-benzannulated spiroketal natural products},
  author={M. Chandler Mcleod and Margaret A Brimble and Dominea C. K. Rathwell and Zoe E Wilson and Tsz-Ying Yuen},
  journal={Pure and Applied Chemistry},
  pages={1379 - 1390}
Studies toward the synthesis of three biologically active (5,6)-benzannulated spiroketal natural products are described. The first total synthesis of paecilospirone is reported, employing a late-stage, pH-neutral spiroketalization. A formal synthesis of γ-rubromycin is described, where the spiroketal moiety is formed by delicate manipulation of the electronic properties of the spirocyclization precursor. Finally, model work toward the total synthesis of berkelic acid is summarized, introducing… CONTINUE READING

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