Synthetic and Mechanistic Organic Chemistry

  title={Synthetic and Mechanistic Organic Chemistry},
  author={Francesco Minisci and James B. Hendrickson and Curt Wentrup},
Recent aspects of homolytic aromatic substitutions.- A General protocol for systematic synthesis design.- Rearrangements and interconversions of carbenes and nitrenes. 
Functionalization of Aromatic N -Heterocycles via C(sp 2 )–H/C(sp 2 )–H CDC Reactions
This review is devoted to dehydrogenative C(sp2)–C(sp2) cross-coupling reactions. In the review we discussed the reactions of aromatic N-heterocycles with such reagents as amides and aldehydes,Expand
A Mild, Ferrocene-Catalyzed C–H Imidation of (Hetero)Arenes
Mechanistic studies indicate that ferrocene (Cp2Fe) plays the role of an electron shuttle in the decomposition of the perester reagent, delivering a succinimidyl radical ready to add to an aromatic system. Expand
A Mild, Ferrocene-Catalyzed CH Imidation of (Hetero)Arenes
A simple method for direct CH imidation is reported using a new perester-based self-immolating reagent and a base-metal catalyst. The succinimide products obtained can be easily deprotected in situExpand
Sodium difluoromethanesulfinate—A difluoromethylating agent toward protonated heterocyclic bases
Free radical difluoromethylation of protonated heteroaromatic bases was accomplished using sodium difluoromethanesulfinate in combination with tert-butyl hydroperoxide in a two-phase systemExpand