Synthesizing Distributed Constrained Events from Transactional Workflow

  title={Synthesizing Distributed Constrained Events from Transactional Workflow},
  author={Munindar P. Singh},
Workf lows are t h e semant ica l ly appropriate composite activit ies in heterogeneous computing envir o n m e n t s . S u c h e n v i r o n m e n t s typically comprise a great diversity of locally a u t o n o m o u s databases, applications, and interfaces. M u c h good research has focused o n t h e s e m a n t i c s of workflows, and h o w t o capture t h e m an dif ferent extended transact i o n models. Here w e address t h e complementary issues pertaining t o h o w workflows m a y be… CONTINUE READING

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