Synthesis, structures, and properties of group 9- and group 10-group 6 heterodinuclear nitrosyl complexes.


The reaction of the group 9 bis(hydrosulfido) complexes [Cp*M(SH)2(PMe3)] (M=Rh, Ir; Cp*=eta(5)-C 5Me5) with the group 6 nitrosyl complexes [Cp*M'Cl2(NO)] (M'=Mo, W) in the presence of NEt3 affords a series of bis(sulfido)-bridged early-late heterobimetallic (ELHB) complexes [Cp*M(PMe3)(mu-S)2M'(NO)Cp*] (2a, M=Rh, M'=Mo; 2b, M=Rh, M'=W; 3a, M=Ir, M'=Mo; 3b, M=Ir, M'=W). Similar reactions of the group 10 bis(hydrosulfido) complexes [M(SH)2(dppe)] (M=Pd, Pt; dppe=Ph 2P(CH2) 2PPh2), [Pt(SH)2(dppp)] (dppp=Ph2P(CH2) 3PPh2), and [M(SH)2(dpmb)] (dpmb=o-C6H4(CH2PPh2)2) give the group 10-group 6 ELHB complexes [(dppe)M(mu-S)2M'(NO)Cp*] (M=Pd, Pt; M'=Mo, W), [(dppp)Pt(mu-S)2M'(NO)Cp*] (6a, M'=Mo; 6b, M'=W), and [(dpmb)M(mu-S)2M'(NO)Cp*] (M=Pd, Pt; M'=Mo, W), respectively. Cyclic voltammetric measurements reveal that these ELHB complexes undergo reversible one-electron oxidation at the group 6 metal center, which is consistent with isolation of the single-electron oxidation products [Cp*M(PMe3)(mu-S)2M'(NO)Cp*][PF6] (M=Rh, Ir; M'=Mo, W). Upon treatment of 2b and 3b with ROTf (R=Me, Et; OTf=OSO 2CF 3), the O atom of the terminal nitrosyl ligand is readily alkylated to form the alkoxyimido complexes such as [Cp*Rh(PMe3)(mu-S)2W(NOMe)Cp*][OTf]. In contrast, methylation of the Rh-, Ir-, and Pt-Mo complexes 2a, 3a, and 6a results in S-methylation, giving the methanethiolato complexes [Cp*M(PMe3)(mu-SMe)(mu-S)Mo(NO)Cp*][BPh 4] (M=Rh, Ir) and [(dppp)Pt(mu-SMe)(mu-S)Mo(NO)Cp*][OTf], respectively. The Pt-W complex 6b undergoes either S- or O-methylation to form a mixture of [(dppp)Pt(mu-SMe)(mu-S)W(NO)Cp*][OTf] and [(dppp)Pt(mu-S) 2W(NOMe)Cp*][OTf]. These observations indicate that O-alkylation and one-electron oxidation of the dinuclear nitrosyl complexes are facilitated by a common effect, i.e., donation of electrons from the group 9 or 10 metal center, where the group 9 metals behave as the more effective electron donor.

DOI: 10.1021/ic702309h

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