Synthesis of underspecified composite e-services based on automated reasoning


In this paper we study automatic composition synthesis of <i>e</i>-Services, based on automated reasoning. We represent the behavior of an <i>e</i>-Service in terms of a deterministic transition syst (or a finite state machine), in which for each action the role of the <i>e</i>-Service, either as initiator or as servant, is highlighted. In this setting we present an algorithm based on satisfiability in a variant of Propositional Dynamic Logic that solves the automatic composition probl. Specifically, given (<i>i</i>) a possibly incomplete specification of the sequences of actions that a client would like to realize, and (<i>ii</i>) a set of available <i>e</i>-Services, our technique synthesizes a composite <i>e</i>-Service that (<i>i</i>) uses only the available <i>e</i>-Services and (<i>ii</i>) interacts with the client "in accordance" to the given specification. We also study the computational complexity of the proposed algorithm.

DOI: 10.1145/1035167.1035183

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