Synthesis of the calcilytic ligand NPS 2143

  title={Synthesis of the calcilytic ligand NPS 2143},
  author={Henrik Johansson and Thomas Cailly and Alex Rojas Bie Thomsen and Hans Br{\"a}uner-Osborne and Daniel Sejer Pedersen},
  booktitle={Beilstein journal of organic chemistry},
(R)-3 (NPS 2143) is a negative allosteric modulator of the human calcium-sensing receptor (CaSR) and as such represents an important pharmacological tool compound for studying the CaSR. Herein, we disclose for the first time a complete experimental description, detailed characterisation and assessment of enantiomeric purity for (R)-3. An efficient, reproducible and scalable synthesis of (R)-3 that requires a minimum of chromatographic purification steps is presented. (R)-3 was obtained in… CONTINUE READING

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