Synthesis of some Compounds Possessing Vitamin A Activity

  title={Synthesis of some Compounds Possessing Vitamin A Activity},
  author={J. F. Arens and D. A. van Dorp},
WE have prepared ‘vitamin A acid’ (VII) from β-ionone as indicated in the following scheme: 
Synthesis and Properties of Vitamin A and Some Related Compounds
Following the preparation of rich concentrates of vitamin A (vitamin A alcohol, vitamin A1, axerophthol) from the unsaponifiable matter of fish liver oils, the following formula was established by
Substances Related to Vitamin A
The publication of certain results which the authors have obtained while working on similar lines appears to be desirable.
Synthesis of a cis isomer of vitamin A aldehyde
Cis-C18 ketone I has been converted in Δ3-cis-Δ3-trans vitamin A-aldehyde IV by the method involving the use of ethoxy acetylene.
Synthesis of vitamin A.
A cis‐C18‐ketone, related to vitamin A
A by-product of the Reformatzky-reaction of β-ionone and ethyl γ-bromocrotonate is a cis-β-ionylidene-crotonic acid I. This acid can easily be converted into the cis-C18-ketone by means of
Synthesis Of The Benzene Analogue Of Vitamin A
It is possible to synthesise various analogues of vitamin A in order to establish the relationship between chemical structure and vitamin A activity, and it is concluded that although the terminal hydroxyl group might not be of utmost importance, the length and the general skeleton of the side chain could not be altered without a complete loss of activity.
Retinoids, cancer, and the skin.
The history, chemistry, metabolism, mechanism of action, toxicity, and clinical applications of both the naturally occurring and synthetic retinoids are reviewed.
Axerophten, der dem Vitamin A zu Grunde liegende Kohlenwasserstoff
Es wird eine Synthese des dem Vitamin A zugrunde liegenden Kohlenwasserstoffs, des Axerophtens, beschrieben. Axerophten ist Vitamin A-aktiv.