Synthesis of 2,3-bis-organochalcogenyl-benzo[b]chalcogenophenes promoted by Oxone®

  title={Synthesis of 2,3-bis-organochalcogenyl-benzo[b]chalcogenophenes promoted by Oxone®},
  author={Gelson Perin and Liane K. Soares and Paola S. Hellwig and M{\'a}rcio S Silva and Jos{\'e} Stamato Neto and Juliano A Roehrs and Thiago Barcellos and Eder Jo{\~a}o Lenardao},
We report here an alternative and tunable metal-free synthesis of benzo[b]chalcogenophenes via the electrophilic cyclization of 2-functionalized chalcogenoalkynes promoted by Oxone®. The use of mild reaction conditions, efficiency and generality are characteristics of this new approach, which was suitable to convert different diselenides and 2-functionalized chalcogenoalkynes into a total of twenty-two 2,3-bis-organochalcogenyl-benzo[b]chalcogenophenes, eighteen of which were synthesized for… CONTINUE READING