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Synthesis of phosphonates and organofluorine compounds for bio-organic studies

  title={Synthesis of phosphonates and organofluorine compounds for bio-organic studies},
  author={Lee Knight},
This thesis focuses on two main areas: the synthesis of novel anti-metabolites of 1-deoxy- D-xyulose-5-phosphate (DXP) and the stereoelectronics which influence the conformation of fluoromethyl groups in organic compounds. DXP, a sugar phosphate, has recently been established as a key biosynthetic intermediate to a number of plant and bacterial co-enzymes and vitamins. Chapter 1 describes the role of DXP in three biosynthetic pathways; in the formation of the isoprenoid building block… Expand


Introduction to Enzyme and Coenzyme Chemistry
The author has managed to collate a vast amount of information and present it in an orderly, succinct manner and this book will please not only biological science students but those in the veterinary, medical, and organic chemistry fields as well. Expand
Stereochemistry of Organic Compounds
Structure Stereoisomers Symmetry Configuration Properties of Stereoisomers: Stereoisomer Discrimination Separation of Stereoisomers, Resolution, Racemization Heterotopic Ligands and FacesExpand
Phosphorus and Sulfur
  • 1987