Synthesis of phospholipase A2 inhibitory biflavonoids.

  title={Synthesis of phospholipase A2 inhibitory biflavonoids.},
  author={Jianjun Chen and Hyeun Wook Chang and Hyun Pyo Kim and Haeil Park},
  journal={Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry letters},
  volume={16 9},
A series of C-C biflavones was designed to investigate the relationship between structural array of different flavone-flavone subunit linkage and the inhibitory activity against phospholipase A2 (PLA2). Among six classes of C-C biflavones designed, four classes of C-C biflavones, which have flavone-flavone subunit linkages at A ring-A ring, A ring-B ring, B ring-B ring, and B ring-C ring, were synthesized. The synthetic biflavones exhibited somewhat different inhibitory activities against sPLA2… CONTINUE READING

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