Synthesis of phenylalanine and leucine dipeptide functionalized silica-based nanoporous material as a safe UV filter for sunscreen

  title={Synthesis of phenylalanine and leucine dipeptide functionalized silica-based nanoporous material as a safe UV filter for sunscreen},
  author={Haohua Ma and Jianqiang Wang and Wenpei Zhang and Cheng Xing Guo},
  journal={Journal of Sol-Gel Science and Technology},
To allay concerns that sunscreen ingredients are harmful to skin health, we have developed phenylalanine (Phe) and leucine (Leu) dipeptide functionalized silica-based nanoporous material (Phe-Leu-OMe-Meso) as a safe ultraviolet filter for skin protection from UVA/UVB sun irradiation. The selected peptide-based functional molecules are composed of natural amino acids, which have obvious advantages compared with other biological molecules and organic molecules, such as low toxicity and high… Expand


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