Synthesis of oligo(poly(ethylene glycol) fumarate)

  title={Synthesis of oligo(poly(ethylene glycol) fumarate)},
  author={Lucas A. Kinard and F. Kurtis Kasper and Antonios G Mikos},
  journal={Nature Protocols},
This protocol describes the synthesis of oligo(poly(ethylene glycol) fumarate) (OPF; 1–35 kDa; a polymer useful for tissue engineering applications) by a one-pot reaction of poly(ethylene glycol) (PEG) and fumaryl chloride. The procedure involves three parts: dichloromethane and PEG are first dried; the reaction step follows, in which fumaryl chloride and triethylamine are added dropwise to a solution of PEG in dichloromethane; and finally, the product solution is filtered to remove by-product… CONTINUE READING