Synthesis of new derivatives of morphine

  title={Synthesis of new derivatives of morphine},
  author={G. Selmeci and L{\'a}szl{\'o} Szl{\'a}vik and Z. Kask{\"o}t{\"o} and J. M. Lepenyene and A. I. Tothne},
  journal={Pharmaceutical Chemistry Journal},
  • G. Selmeci, László Szlávik, +2 authors A. I. Tothne
  • Published in
    Pharmaceutical Chemistry…
  • Chemistry
  • Changes in the A and C rings of morphine are usually accompanied by a substantial change in biological activity. It is known that alkylation of the hydroxyl group in the 3-position weakens the analgesic action. Codeine-a 3-O-methyl es ter of morphine-possesses only part of the analgetic properties of morphine, and at the same time, gives the same cough-inhibiting effect [3, 4, 7, 8]. The decrease in the pain-relieving effect as a result of 3-O-methylation also is effective in the case of other… CONTINUE READING

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