[Synthesis of modified peptides with C-terminal alpha-amino aldehydes].


Various synthetic approaches to modified peptides with the C-terminal aldehyde group, capable of inhibiting a number of proteolytic enzymes belonging to the classes of thiol, serine, and aspartyl proteases, are considered. Both chemical methods, including solid phase peptide synthesis now widely used, and biocatalytic synthetic methods for obtaining these substances are discussed in detail.

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@article{Potetinova2001SynthesisOM, title={[Synthesis of modified peptides with C-terminal alpha-amino aldehydes].}, author={Zh V Potetinova and E. I. Mil'gotina and Vadim A. Makarov and T L Voiushina}, journal={Bioorganicheskaia khimiia}, year={2001}, volume={27 3}, pages={163-73} }