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Synthesis of m-Chloroaniline by Raney-Ni Catalytic Hydrogenation

  title={Synthesis of m-Chloroaniline by Raney-Ni Catalytic Hydrogenation},
  author={Chen Hong-bo},
  journal={Dyestuffs and coloration},
m-Nitrochlorobenzene was dissolved in methanol in an autoclave, Raney-Ni catalyst and dechlorination-inhibitor were added, hydrogenation was carried out at 1.2MPa and 65 ℃ for 80-85 minutes, giving the product m-chloroaniline. The content of the product in the reaction mixture was the highest when the reaction was at 75℃; The content was improved with the increase of hydrogen pressure, the pressure being 1.0-1.2MPa and the content of the product would be the highest. The amounts of Raney-Ni and… Expand