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Synthesis of gamma-linolenic acid and carotenoids by fungi mucorales

  title={Synthesis of gamma-linolenic acid and carotenoids by fungi mucorales},
  author={N. S. Funtikova and O. I. Pan'kina and I. S. Mysyakina and I. Konova},
Biologically active lipids in fungi of the Pilobolaceae family
The fungi grown in submerged cultures showed a correlation of the degree of unsaturation of total fatty acids and the contents of β-carotene, which is typical of zygomycetes of the order Mucorales. Expand
Fatty Acids in the Species of Several Zygomycete Taxa
The data on the efficient synthesis of these acids make the actively producing strains promising for biotechnological synthesis of commercially valuable lipids. Expand
Genetics and Biotechnology
A platform for Heterologous Gene Expression Based on the Methylotrophic Yeast Hansenula polymorpha is proposed and a number of other ideas are proposed for further investigation. Expand
Lipid Composition of the Yeastlike and Mycelial Mucor hiemalis Cells Grown in the Presence of 4-Chloroaniline
The fungus Mucor hiemalis F-1156, which is commonly thought to be monomorphic, produced two types of cells, yeastlike and mycelial, during growth in a medium containing 4-chloroaniline. Among theExpand