Synthesis of enantiopure 2-C-glycosyl-3-nitrochromenes.

  title={Synthesis of enantiopure 2-C-glycosyl-3-nitrochromenes.},
  author={Raquel G Soengas and Humberto Rodr{\'i}guez-Solla and Artur Manuel Soares Silva and Ricardo Llavona and Filipe A Almeida Paz},
  journal={The Journal of organic chemistry},
  volume={78 24},
A novel methodology has been developed to obtain enantiopure 2-C-glycosyl-3-nitrochromenes. First, (Z)-1-bromo-1-nitroalkenes were prepared from the corresponding sugar aldehydes through a sodium iodide-catalyzed Henry reaction with bromonitromethane followed by elimination of the resulting 1-bromo-1-nitroalkan-2-ols. In the next step, reaction of the sugar… CONTINUE READING