Synthesis of effects in four Arctic subregions.

  title={Synthesis of effects in four Arctic subregions.},
  author={Terry V. Callaghan and Lars Olof Bj{\"o}rn and Yuri I. Chernov and Terry Lynn Chapin and Torben R. Christensen and Brian Huntley and Rolf Anker Ims and Margareta Johansson and Dyanna Jolly and Sven Jonasson and Nadya Matveyeva and Nicolai S. Panikov and Walter C. Oechel and Gus R Shaver and Sibyll Schaphoff and Stephen Sitch and Christoph Z{\"o}ckler},
  volume={33 7},
An assessment of impacts on Arctic terrestrial ecosystems has emphasized geographical variability in responses of species and ecosystems to environmental change. This variability is usually associated with north-south gradients in climate, biodiversity, vegetation zones, and ecosystem structure and function. It is clear, however, that significant east-west variability in environment, ecosystem structure and function, environmental history, and recent climate variability is also important. Some… CONTINUE READING