Synthesis of (diarylmethyl)amines using Ni-catalyzed arylation of C(sp3)-H bonds.


The first nickel catalyzed deprotonative cross coupling between C(sp3)-H bonds and aryl chlorides is reported, allowing the challenging arylation of benzylimines in the absence of directing group or stoichiometric metal activation. This methodology represents a convenient access to the (diarylmethyl)amine moiety, which is widespread in pharmaceutically… (More)


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@article{FernndezSalas2015SynthesisO, title={Synthesis of (diarylmethyl)amines using Ni-catalyzed arylation of C(sp3)-H bonds.}, author={Jos{\'e} Antonio Fern{\'a}ndez-Salas and Enrico Marelli and Steven P. Nolan}, journal={Chemical science}, year={2015}, volume={6 8}, pages={4973-4977} }