Synthesis of condensed quinolines and quinazolines as DNA ligands.

  title={Synthesis of condensed quinolines and quinazolines as DNA ligands.},
  author={Natacha Malecki and Pascal Carato and Beno{\^i}t Rigo and J. J. M. Goossens and Raymond Houssin and Christian Bailly and J Henichart},
  journal={Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry},
  volume={12 3},
Among new condensed quinolines and quinazolines the design of which were inspired by anti-cancer DNA-binding alkaloids such as camptothecin and batracyclin, DNA binding tests identify the 8-methoxy-7-piperazinylpropoxyindeno[1,2-b]quinolin-11-one tetracyclic system as a new motif for DNA recognition. 
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