Synthesis of an analog of the alkaloid dauricine


The initial b i s -2 -benzopyry l i um sa l t (I) was obtained by the acylat ion of 3 ,4-dimethoxyphenylacetone (0.01 mole) with d i (4-carboxymethylphenyl) e the r (0.005 mole) in the p r e s e n c e of 21 g of polyphosphor ic acid (100°C, 1 h). The hot mix tu re was poured onto 100 g of ice and was t r ea t ed with 2 ml of 70% HC104. The c rys t a l s of the d iperch lora te of b i s [4 (3 -me thy l -6 ,7 -d ime thoxybenzopyry l io l -me thy l )pheny l ] e ther , CseH3~O15CI 2 (I) that deposi ted were f i l te red off and were r ec ry s t a l l i z ed f r o m ni t romethane . The yield was quanti tat ive, mp 345°C (decomp.); IR spec t rum: 1100, 1280, 1570, 1620 cm -l .

DOI: 10.1007/BF00569618

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