Synthesis of amantadine via the nitrate of 1-adamantanol

  title={Synthesis of amantadine via the nitrate of 1-adamantanol},
  author={Igor K. Moiseev and R. I. Doroshenko and V. I. Ivanova},
  journal={Pharmaceutical Chemistry Journal},
Nitra te of 1-Adamantanol (H).* To 12.5 ml of 94% nitr ic acid was added at room tempera tu re 1 g of adamantane at such a r a te that the t empera tu re did not exceed 30 ~ the mixture was maintained at this t empera t u r e for 30 min, and the reac t ion mixture was poured onto ice. The precipitate was fil tered, washed repeatedly with water , and dried. We obtained 1.2 g (83%) of (II), mp 104-5 ~ (from methanol). IR spec t rum (K-Br pellets), c m i : 1615, 1284, 1300, 1312. Found,%: No. 7… 
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