Synthesis of a new chiral source, (1R,2S)-1-Phenylphospholane-2-carboxylic acid, via a key intermediate alpha-phenylphospholanyllithium borane complex: configurational stability and X-ray crystal structure of an alpha-monophosphinoalkyllithium borane complex.

A synthetic route to enantiomerically pure (1R,2S)-1-phenylphospholane-2-carboxylic acid (1), which is a phosphorus analogue of proline, has been established. A key step is the deprotonation-carboxylation of the 1-phenylphospholane borane complex 3 by using sBuLi/1,2-dipiperidinoethane (DPE). Configurational stability of the key intermediate, the amine… CONTINUE READING