Synthesis of a Functionalized Polypyrrole Coated Electrotextile for Use in Biosensors

  title={Synthesis of a Functionalized Polypyrrole Coated Electrotextile for Use in Biosensors},
  author={Shannon K. McGraw and Evangelyn C. Alocilja and Andre G Senecal and Kris J. Senecal},
An electrotextile with a biosensing focus composed of conductive polymer coated microfibers that contain functional attachment sites for biorecognition elements was developed. Experiments were conducted to select a compound with a pendant functional group for inclusion in the polymer, a fiber platform, and polymerization solvent. The effects of dopant inclusion and post-polymerization wash steps were also analyzed. Finally, the successful attachment of avidin, which was then used to capture… CONTINUE READING
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