Synthesis of Tengerite Type Rare Earth Carbonates

  title={Synthesis of Tengerite Type Rare Earth Carbonates},
  author={Hisanobu Wakita and Kozo Nagashima},
Rare earth carbonates which give the same X-ray powder diffraction pattern as tengerite were prepared by heating aqueous solutions containing rare earth chlorides and ammonium trichloroacetate. Y, Er, Ho, and Gd gavee xactly the same X-ray powder pattern as tengerite, while Nd and Sm were similar to tengerite but with a few additional diffractions. X-ray powder data of the tengerite type rare earth carbonate were indexed and cell parameters of a0=9.20±0.02 A, b0=11.32±0.03 A, and c0=7.59±0.01 A… CONTINUE READING