Synthesis of Novel Macrocyclic Peptido-calix [ 4 ] arenes and Peptido-pyridines as Precursors for Potential Molecular Metallacages , Chemosensors and Biologically Active Candidates

  • Abd El-Galil El-Sayed Amra, Mohamed Abo-Ghaliab, Mohamed M. Abdalahc
  • Published 2006
Novel macrocyclic dipicolinic acid acylated peptides based on upper rim bridged peptidocalix[4]arenes, peptido-pyridines or hybrid structures of both, were synthesized as potential molecular metallacages and chemosensors. While conventional azide or mixed anhydride (ethyl chloroformate) peptide couplings served well for assembling the L-tyrosine or L… CONTINUE READING