Synthesis of N-substituted 1H-indeno[2,1-b]pyridines

  title={Synthesis of N-substituted 1H-indeno[2,1-b]pyridines},
  author={Nikolai S Prostakov and Anatoly T. Soldatenkov and V. O. Fedorov and S. Mobio and M. A. Galiullin},
  journal={Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds},
It was established that N-phenacyl and p-nitrophenacyl bromides and N-methyl-1-azafluorenium iodide, as well as N-phenacyl-7-nitro-1-azafluorenium bromide, are converted to N-substituted 1H-indeno[2,1-b]pyridines rather than to the corresponding yilds or indenoindolizines upon treatment with bases under various conditions. All of the pseudoazulenes of this type were isolated in the form of crystalline black or dark-violet substances. In contrast to pseudoazulenes of the 1H-indeno[1,2-b]-and 2H… CONTINUE READING