Synthesis of Large-Area Single-Crystal Graphene

  title={Synthesis of Large-Area Single-Crystal Graphene},
  author={Meihui Wang and Da Luo and Bin Wang and Rodney S. Ruoff},
  journal={Trends in Chemistry},

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Single-crystal, large-area, fold-free monolayer graphene.
The wrinkling/folding process for graphene films grown from an ethylene precursor on single-crystal Cu-Ni(111) foils is explored, and a critical growth temperature is identified above which folds will naturally form during the subsequent cooling process.
Impact of mid-gap states on transport in single-crystal Graphene-MoS2 heterojunctions integrated into a multi-FET architecture
We demonstrate a graphene-MoS2 architecture integrating multiple field-effect transistors and we independently probe and correlate the conducting properties of van der Waals coupled graphene-MoS2
The Wet‐Oxidation of a Cu(111) Foil Coated by Single Crystal Graphene
This study greatly deepens the understanding of how a graphene-coated copper surface is oxidized, and shows that graphene completely prevents the oxidation when that surface is ultrasmooth and when the graphene has no ripples or wrinkles.
Unexpected Electron Transport Suppression in a Heterostructured Graphene–MoS2 Multiple Field-Effect Transistor Architecture
A graphene-MoS2 architecture integrating multiple field-effect transistors (FETs) is demonstrated and transconductance curves of MoS2 are compared with the current-voltage characteristics of graphene contact stripes, revealing a significant suppression of transport on the n-side of the transc conductance curve.
Effects of Surface Engineering of Copper Catalyst on the CVD Growth of Boron-Doped Graphene with a Solid Carbon and Boron Source
Chemical doping of boron atoms is essential to modify the electrical properties of graphene films. The synthesis of large-scale boron-doped graphene with high uniformity and good electrical
Towards Repeatable, Scalable Graphene Integrated Micro-Nano Electromechanical Systems (MEMS/NEMS)
The merits of integrating graphene into Micro-Nano Electromechanical Systems, current approaches for the mass production of graphene integrated devices, and proposed solutions to overcome current manufacturing limits for the scalable and repeatable production of integrated graphene-based devices are discussed.
Pseudoequilibrium between Etching and Selective Grain Growth: Chemical Conversion of a Randomly Oriented Au Film into a (111)-Oriented Ultrathin Au Film.
The in-plane rotational degeneracy in the Au( 111) thin film epitaxially grown on a Si(111) substrate is revealed.
The Current Understanding of how 2D Polymers Grow Photochemically


Ultrafast epitaxial growth of metre-sized single-crystal graphene on industrial Cu foil
Toward Scalable Growth for Single-Crystal Graphene on Polycrystalline Metal Foil.
By inducing homo-epitaxial growth of graphene from the edges of the seeds arrays without additional nucleations, the defect-healing process eliminated the inherent defects of seeds, ensuring the reliability and crystallinity of the single-crystalline graphene for industrialization.
Chemical vapour deposition growth of large single crystals of monolayer and bilayer graphene.
A new pathway is reported to greatly reduce the graphene nucleation density from ~10(6) to 4 nuclei cm(-2), enabling the growth of giant single crystals of monolayer graphene with a lateral size up to 5 mm and Bernal-stacked bilayers graphene with the lateral sizes up to 300 μm, both the largest reported to date.
Catalytic Growth of Graphene: Toward Large-Area Single-Crystalline Graphene.
The growth mechanism of graphene on a Cu catalyst is discussed, recent development in the observation and control of the domain structure of graphene is reviewed and the importance of the growth condition and crystallinity of the Cu catalyst for the realization of large-area, single-crystalline graphene is emphasized.
Ultrafast growth of single-crystal graphene assisted by a continuous oxygen supply.
It is shown that single-crystal graphene can be grown on copper foils with a growth rate of 60 μm-1, and single- Crystal graphene domains with a lateral size of 0.3 mm are able to be grown with just 5 s.
Adlayer-Free Large-Area Single Crystal Graphene Grown on a Cu(111) Foil.
It is found that the amount of subsurface carbon in Cu foils directly correlates with the extent of adlayer growth, and high-performance field-effect transistors are readily fabricated in the large regions between adjacent parallel folds in the adlayer-free single crystal graphene film.
Large-Area Synthesis of High-Quality and Uniform Graphene Films on Copper Foils
It is shown that graphene grows in a self-limiting way on copper films as large-area sheets (one square centimeter) from methane through a chemical vapor deposition process, and graphene film transfer processes to arbitrary substrates showed electron mobilities as high as 4050 square centimeters per volt per second at room temperature.
Toward the synthesis of wafer-scale single-crystal graphene on copper foils.
This work should provide clear guidelines for the large-scale synthesis of wafer-scale single-crystal graphene, which is essential for the optimized graphene device fabrication.
Fast growth of inch-sized single-crystalline graphene from a controlled single nucleus on Cu-Ni alloys.
An efficient strategy for achieving large-area single-crystalline graphene by letting a single nucleus evolve into a monolayer at a fast rate is demonstrated by locally feeding carbon precursors to a desired position of a substrate composed of an optimized Cu-Ni alloy.
Spatially Controlled Nucleation of Single-Crystal Graphene on Cu Assisted by Stacked Ni.
The site-selective nucleation of single-crystal graphene on Cu foil based on spatial control of the local CH4 concentration by a perforated Ni foil is demonstrated, offering a facile and effective way to control the nucleations of high-quality graphene, meeting the requirements of industrial processing.