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Synthesis of L-cysteine derivatives of immunotropic activity.

  title={Synthesis of L-cysteine derivatives of immunotropic activity.},
  author={Wincenty Kwapiszewski and J Iliaszenko and M Sokołowska-Muszyńska},
  journal={Archivum immunologiae et therapiae experimentalis},
  volume={26 1-6},
Working on the problem entitled "Synthesis of cysteine derivatives of immunotropic activity" the following compounds were synthesized; cysteine hydrazide and its hydrochloride, S-methylcysteine hydrazide hydrochloride, S, N, N-trimethylcysteine and S-benzylcysteinyl-S-benzylcysteine. We modified the synthesis of cysteine hydrazide and prepared its hydrochloride. This way a better yield and simplification of the synthesis were achieved. The above compounds were obtained with good yields.