Synthesis of European pharmacopoeial impurities A , B , C , and D of cabergoline

  title={Synthesis of European pharmacopoeial impurities A , B , C , and D of cabergoline},
  author={J. Wagger and Alja{\vz} Po{\vz}es and F. Po{\vz}gan},
  journal={RSC Advances},
For the use of analytics, European pharmacopoeial impurities A, B, C, and D of cabergoline were synthesized. Ergocryptine was chosen as a starting material and synthesis was accomplished via two approaches, different in length and stereochemical outcome. A longer, indirect approach was realized through otherwise problematic oxidations of the 9,10-dihidrolysergol derivative, to the corresponding aldehyde and carboxylic acid. This was achieved by the use of activated DMSO and a Pinnick oxidation… Expand
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