Synthesis of Dodecaallylhexasilacyclohexane and Its Convertibility

  title={Synthesis of Dodecaallylhexasilacyclohexane and Its Convertibility},
  author={Yamato Omatsu and Yoshiyuki Mizuhata and Norihiro Tokitoh},
  journal={Zeitschrift f{\"u}r anorganische und allgemeine Chemie},




The mol­ecule of the title compound, C36H60Si6, exhibits point group symmetry Ci, with the centre of inversion located at the centre of the Si6 ring. The Si6 ring has a chair conformation. In the

Über Polysilane. I. Kristallstruktur von Dodecaphenylcyclohexasilan Heptabenzol

Die Kristallstruktur der Titelverbindung wurde bestimmt und bis R = 0,112 verfeinert. Die Kristallbenzolmolekule sind leicht fehlgeordnet. (Ph2Si)6 hat die Molekulstruktur eines zentrosymmetrischen

Synthesis, structures, and unusual photoluminescence of O- and N-functional cyclohexasilanes

The reaction of chloropermethylcyclohexasilanes Si6Me12-nCln (n = 1−3) with lithium silanolates affords the siloxy derivatives Si6Me12-n(OR)n (n = 1−3; R = SiMe3, SiMe2-t-Bu). All compounds exhibit...

"Inverse Sandwich" Complexes of Perhalogenated Cyclohexasilane

Perhalogenated cyclohexasilanes, Si6X12 (X = Cl, Br), were prepared by reaction of Si6H12 with molecular chlorine or bromine in cold (−89 °C) dichloromethane. Single-crystal structural determination

Safe and Convenient Procedure for Solvent Purification

This procedure provides a nonhazardous alternative to distillations and vacuum transfers and does not require undue supervision or cooling, yet allows for the rapid collection of large quantities of extremely pure solvents on demand.