Synthesis of Decaline Analogues of Isovelleral

  title={Synthesis of Decaline Analogues of Isovelleral},
  author={Martin H Johansson and Isabelle Aujard and Daniel R{\"o}me and Heidrun Anke and Olov Sterner},
  journal={Zeitschrift f{\"u}r Naturforschung B},
  pages={984 - 989}
Decaline analogues of the bioactive fungal sesquiterpene (+)-isovelleral (1a), retaining the bicyclo[4,1,0]hept-2-en-1,2-dicarbaldehyde system, were prepared, and their cytotoxic and antimicrobial activities were compared with those of the natural product. While the two isomers (±)-2 and (±)-3 were as active as isovelleral (1a), the isomer (±)-4 was approximately 10 times less potent. 
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