Synthesis of CuInS2 quantum dots using polyetheramine as solvent

  title={Synthesis of CuInS2 quantum dots using polyetheramine as solvent},
  author={Shih-Chang Shei and Wen-Jui Chiang and S. J. Chang},
  booktitle={Nanoscale research letters},
This paper presents a facile solvothermal method of synthesizing copper indium sulfide (CuInS2) quantum dots (QDs) via a non-coordinated system using polyetheramine as a solvent. The structural and optical properties of the resulting CuInS2 QDs were investigated using composition analysis, absorption spectroscopy, and emission spectroscopy. We employed molar ratios of I, III, and VI group elements to control the structure of CuInS2 QDs. An excess of group VI elements facilitated precipitation… CONTINUE READING
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