Synthesis of Cementite

  title={Synthesis of Cementite},
  author={L. Hofer and E. Cohn},
  journal={Journal of Chemical Physics},
Cementite occurs in steels, in meteorites, possibly at the core of the Earth and has uses in its pure form. It’s composition can deviate from Fe3C, but not by much because the Fe–C bond contributesExpand
The renaissance of iron-based Fischer-Tropsch synthesis: on the multifaceted catalyst deactivation behaviour.
This critical review will summarize the current state of knowledge of the underlying mechanisms for the activation and eventual deactivation of iron-based Fischer-Tropsch catalysts and suggest systematic approaches for relating chemical identity to performance in next generation iron- based catalyst systems. Expand
Reaktionen zweier oder mehrerer Arten von Ausgangsmolekeln
Die genauere kinetische Untersuchung hat ergeben, das der groste Teil der ursprunglich als bimolekular angenommenen Reaktionen nicht einfach bimolekular, sondern mehr oder weniger zusammengesetztExpand
Study of Metallic Carbides by Electron Diffraction Part III. Iron Carbides
Thin iron films formed by evaporation were carburized in CO gas stream. The carbides e, χ and θ were found to be formed in the temperature ranges (i) below 250°C, (ii) from 250° to 350°C and (iii)Expand
Katalytische Eigenschaften von Eisen und binären Systemen des Eisens. III. Über die katalytische Wirkung von Eisen, Eisencarbid, Eisennitrid und Eisenphosphiden auf die Hydrierung von Cyclohexen
Als Beitrag zur Kenntnis der besonderen katalytischen Eigenschaften der bei der Carbidierung und Nitridierung von Eisenkontakten fur die FISCHER-TROPSCH-Synthese entstehenden binaren Phasen desExpand
Iron Nitrides as Fischer-Tropsch Catalysts
Publisher Summary This chapter discusses the composition, structure, and methods of preparation of nitrides, carbides, and carbonitrides of iron; their reactions with hydrogen, carbon monoxide, andExpand
Some Thermal Reactions of the Higher Iron Carbides
One of the undesirable side reactions of the Fischer‐Tropsch synthesis is deposition of carbon. To ascertain whether thermal reactions of iron carbides might cause this deposition and to learn moreExpand
Twenty-five Years of Synthesis of Gasoline by Catalytic Conversion of Carbon Monoxide and Hydrogen
Publisher Summary This chapter presents the important steps of research work on the reactions of carbon monoxide and hydrogen with special consideration regarding the behavior of the catalystsExpand


Iron-Nitrogen, Iron-Carbon and Iron-Carbon-Nitrogen Interstitial Alloys: their Occurrence in Tempered Martensite
IN a recent communication1, Heidenreich, Sturkey and Woods report that when martensitic steel is tempered at 200° C. a fine dispersion of hexagonal Fe3N is produced with no trace of cementite. AboveExpand