Synthesis of Benzo[1,6]naphthyridinones Using the Catellani Reaction.

  title={Synthesis of Benzo[1,6]naphthyridinones Using the Catellani Reaction.},
  author={M. S. Elsayed and Brittany Griggs and M. Cushman},
  journal={Organic letters},
  volume={20 17},
An intramolecular version of the Catellani reaction was optimized for one-step synthesis of bulky N-substituted benzo[1,6]naphthyridinones with good to excellent yields. The optimized reaction of N-substituted o-bromobenzamides with 4-bromoquinolines features a wide substrate scope and yields of up to 98%. The employment of aryl bromides under carefully optimized conditions instead of the usual aryl iodides enhances the scope of the reaction. 
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