Synthesis of (3R)-carboxy pyrrolidine (a beta-proline analogue) and its oligomer.


A decamer of a beta-amino acid analogue of L-proline, (3R)-carboxy pyrrolidine (beta-proline), was synthesized from a readily available (R)-glycidol. It was found to possess a rigid secondary structure, as evidenced by its CD spectrum. The beta-proline decamer, however, failed to bind to profilin, whereas the corresponding alpha-L-proline decamer bound… (More)


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@article{Kim2000SynthesisO, title={Synthesis of (3R)-carboxy pyrrolidine (a beta-proline analogue) and its oligomer.}, author={Young Ju Kim and Donald A. Kaiser and Thomas D. Pollard and Yasushi Ichikawa}, journal={Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry letters}, year={2000}, volume={10 21}, pages={2417-9} }