Synthesis of 3,5,6-Trichloropyridin-2-ol

  title={Synthesis of 3,5,6-Trichloropyridin-2-ol},
  author={Xiao Guomin},
Starting from pentachloropyridine, intermediate product 2,3,5,6-tetrachloropyridine was prepared by reduction with zinc dust. And the pesticide intermediate 3,5,6-trichloropyridin-2-ol was produced through hydrolysis of 2,3,5,6-tetrachloropyridine. The optimum reaction conditions of hydrolysis were obtained as follows: reaction temperature was 95~100℃, reaction time of this process was about 20 h, the yield of 3,5,6-trichloropyridin-2-ol was 95%. And the total yield obtained from two reaction… CONTINUE READING