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Synthesis of 3,3-Dimethoxypropanenitrile

  title={Synthesis of 3,3-Dimethoxypropanenitrile},
  author={Jiang Jian-quan},
  journal={Dyestuffs and coloration},
  • Jiang Jian-quan
  • Published 2005
  • Chemistry
  • Dyestuffs and coloration
  • 3, 3-Dimethoxypropanenitrile was synthesized from 2-chloro-3-phenylsulfonylpropanenitrile by elimination and addition reactions. 3-phenylsulfonylpropanenitrile was obtained by eliminating HCl from 2-chloro-3-phenylsulfonylpropanenitrile at 0-20℃ with a yield of 88%. 3-Phenylsulfonylpropanenitrile was reacted with sodium methoxide in methanol, giving 3, 3-dimethoxypropanenitrile with a yield of 98%. Elimination reaction was innovated by using THF as a solvent instead of ethyl ether and addition… CONTINUE READING