Synthesis and two-photon absorption enhancement of porphyrin macrocycles.

  title={Synthesis and two-photon absorption enhancement of porphyrin macrocycles.},
  author={Jeffery E. Raymond and Ajit Bhaskar and Theodore Goodson and Naoyuki Makiuchi and Kazuya Ogawa and Yoshiaki Kobuke},
  journal={Journal of the American Chemical Society},
  volume={130 51},
Improving the nonlinear optical properties of organic materials through transition to macromolecular architectures of highly conjugated chromophores has been shown to be a viable strategy for generating materials suitable for TPA applications. In this study we display a simple and elegant method by which to synthesize macrocycles of porphyrin dimers. Two-photon absorption studies show 2 orders of magnitude enhancement of cross-section of the material, giving a maximum delta(2) of 10(6) GM. 

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