• Chemistry
  • Published 2005

Synthesis and thermal stability of europium(II) fluoride

  title={Synthesis and thermal stability of europium(II) fluoride},
  author={Viktor Zinchenko and O. G. Eryomin and N. P. Efryushina and N. N. Belyavina and Irina V. Stoyanova and {\'E}. I. Kovalevskaya and Anna V. Kiriyak},
The reduction of EuF 3 by elemental silicon, germanium, and boron was studied. The composition of the products is described as EuF 2 + x , where x = 0.09-0.44, depending on the nature of the reducing agent and synthesis conditions. A correlation between the variation of x and the intensity of the absorption peaks typical of Eu(III) in the near-IR spectral range was established. Europium(II) fluoride is stable on heating in air up to 200°C and high-temperature heat treatment induces its… CONTINUE READING