Synthesis and the lethality of bleomycin in bacteria.

  title={Synthesis and the lethality of bleomycin in bacteria.},
  author={Seymour S. Cohen and I Jakobsson},
  journal={Cancer research},
  volume={36 8},
The bleomycins are antitumor agents composed of various cationic amides of a common inactive bleomycinic acid. At 1 mug/ml at 37 degrees, the naturally occurring spermidine derivative of bleomycin (A5) was far more lethal to Escherichia coli than were several other bleomycins tested. An exponential loss of viability was produced for 2 hr in various strains of E. coli growing in a synthetic medium. In the stringent E. coli, strain 15 TAU (thymine-arginine-uracil) rel A+ (arginine), withholding… CONTINUE READING


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