Synthesis and quantitative structure-activity relationship analysis of 2-(aryl or heteroaryl)quinolin-4-amines, a new class of anti-HIV-1 agents.

  title={Synthesis and quantitative structure-activity relationship analysis of 2-(aryl or heteroaryl)quinolin-4-amines, a new class of anti-HIV-1 agents.},
  author={L. Strekowski and J. Mokrosz and V. Honkan and A. Czarny and M. Cegła and R. Wydra and S. Patterson and R. Schinazi},
  journal={Journal of medicinal chemistry},
  volume={34 5},
Thirty-eight 2-(aryl or heteroaryl)quinolin-4-amines, N,N-disubstituted, N-monosubstituted, and without a substituent at the amino group have been synthesized with use of novel chemistries developed by us recently. Some of these derivatives show anti-HIV-1 activity at a concentration level of 1 microM and low cell toxicity in vitro. The most active and least toxic compounds are derivatives of 2-(3-pyridyl)quinoline. The results of the quantitative structure-activity relationship analyses… Expand
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